What Have I done??? (part 1)

What have I done this year.

Jan 2009, Langkawi, Malaysia.

With my family.

I love to spend the beginning of every year with my family…and away on holiday is the best way to be together, wherever the destination is.

We went to Langkawi and spent a few hours in Penang, Malaysia.

2 weeks in Hong Kong and Taiwan with my babies (Jan 2009)

We talked about it now like it happened sooooo long ago

Feb 2009

Chinese New Year =)

Lims always rock =p

March 2009

My hse handsome rottweiler, BUDDY, had an operation.

It worried me so much..

I miss him so much.

My first bday Celebration~! 21st.

2nd bday celebration =) on Vday 09

Us, in love chair  ^^

Vietnam Feb 09

Saigon, Hue, HoiAn

With Da jie.

Such a lovely place.

Back in Melbourne.210309

Miss Whye whye’s graduation.

I made cupcakes with her too!

I miss hanging out with her

I passed by concept blue and I still think of her =)

3rd birthday celeb 260309

With my darlings

our too much pt dinner. I love.


4th and official birthday celebration.

now that i think about it, Im really quite blissed =)

Somerset apartment rooftop. (ps: also the venue of my 17th bday)

280309: Whye whye left melbourne

Good Friday and easter Sunday.

Then we have our easter break with bunny bbq party, giraffe cafes, Jiun’s birthday and night outs.

I set up “mydarkroomx”

Yeing’s Birthday in Claypot.

Huiqi’s birthday in The Point and….

Its school day again~! Qi’s 21st surprise.

I finished my research essay.

Dad was here in mid year.

Wendy was here with auntie.

I miss my dad.

Then, its WINTER!

My escape:

St kilda

Gold Coast with

jin, shookyeng, yeing, weenson, huiqi, frannie, qian and…

I met JIEHUI!!

Mt Macedon~ muacks (attempt number 2)


The noise

Love this picture because of the noise. The imperfectness of the photo quality makes the photo real…

We always tend to look back into the past… thinking of how we can do better, what we could have done, what we have missed… We like to hold on to things that are already gone…

hoping that memories come alive again.

Looking and waiting

“I’m waiting here,
been waiting here”

Walking on the street, hoping to see you
Keeping myself free, hoping that you will call and say, “let’s meet up now”

Melbourne photographers are inspiring

Browsing Flickr… some of my favortites for today. CONTEXT: Melbourne.

Blood Nose

We can find beauty in pain. This Photographer took this picture while his nose was bleeding. The thought of it is eiry alright, but my point is… if we look at things from a different perspective, a really painful incident can be viewed in positive light. If everyone does that, then maybe living may not be so difficult after all.

bed stories

The intimacy and passion behind this photo intrigue me.

wakes up every morning with the person you loveslping soundly beside you is the most fortunate things on earth.

Bands of Light IIIWaiting for you to come back to me….

You Can't Park ThereHow I wish that everytime when we are lost, there is a paper to guide us along to the right path… so that we dont have to wonder around in desperation, hoping that a path suddenly emerges from the dead end..

we need a map…and a space to rest…

Melbourne City Scream'sWorries kill…

Nobody stops.


A great concept.

The relative insignificance of one person…

the helplessness….

tick tick tick

My paper in 5 hours time.

not Long ago, my baby leaves Melbourne for good.

well, Its not a farewell but I’m missing her already.

Can’t wait to go find her.

We took this picture on a suppppppper hot day in Melbourne after we have our dinner in Meat Wine and Co.


Its Summer now, I cant wait to go to the beach.

Not Hamilton, but still good. anywhere near the waves make me feel good =D

cant wait!

Wish my luck for my 2nd paper people!!

Love u~!


to be completely honest..

I know I haven give up.

But for now,  I know there is nothing I can do.

There are many people who dont dare to speak their mind in fear of damaging relationships,


I believe the more we hold back, the more it is going to harm the existing relationship.

A day of silence and of denial equates to a day of adding up to the wall of tiles that divide a relationship.

Before you know it, the wall will become so high that we can’t even see each other anymore.

I want to be honest

If a relationship is damaged because of that, I believe that I can repair it.

I don’t want to regret not being honest to my feelings.

That is the one simple reason that I say everything I want to say.

But voice…is a two-way communication channel.